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Jewellery for longevity

Design statement
By combining sculptural forms with a thought through design and solid craftsmanship, SOURCE creates sustainable jewelry based on the idea of a timeless expression that will one day be passed on and given new life. Our designs balance on the edge of classic simplicity and something unexpected or imperfect, which is a result of an intuitive and experimental design process with inspiration drawn from nature, architecture and art. It is SOURCE's desire to challenge overconsumption. Therefore, we do not work according to the fashion industry's seasonal calendar, and we avoid trends that feel short-lived – in favor of a more abstract and timeless aesthetic that will remain relevant in an ever-changing world. Each piece of jewelry is handmade to order in our studio in Copenhagen, and is produced exclusively in recycled gold and silver.

The production
For SOURCE, a sustainable approach to all aspect of our business is vital. This of course includes the production of our jewelry. All pieces are made by hand in our Copenhagen studio, and when casting is used, a local caster just a few minutes away on the bicycle help us out. The precious metals are always recycled, and our beautiful packing is produced in a sheltered workshop in Copenhagen. 

The designer
The founder and creative director of SOURCE is Fie Lauenborg Sund. Fie is a dedicated designer with a passion for jewelry, and she holds a BA in Jewellery, Technology and Business from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. Privately, Fie lives with her significant other and their son just a short walk away from our studio on Østerbro in Copenhagen.

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